Mustard Seed Planter is a fundraising company started by Roseann Kim. She was an avid Home and School fundraiser organizer while her two children were in grade school. Each year, Roseann and other mothers struggled to find new and fresh ideas for school fundraisers. Despite their efforts, it was difficult to stray away from old ideas, such as selling chocolates and wrapping paper.

Roseann’s children are now grown. However, she discovered that even 20 years later, very little has changed in school fundraising. This is how Mustard Seed Planter came to be. The philosophy of the company is based on a biblical parable. A mustard seed is one of the smallest seeds found on the Earth. However, when it grows, it becomes the largest of all garden plants. We believe that a child is like a mustard seed. The smallest amount of faith can grow into the reality that anything is possible. Mustard Seed Planter believes that fundraising is not only a chance for a school to generate profit, but it is also an opportunity to educate and empower children by raising awareness about literacy, health, protecting the environment, and helping others.

All of our products are unique and functional, and have been carefully handpicked.Every book, science kit, craft, and toy was not only selected to provide educational and literacy opportunities, but also to bring joy to each student.

I am excited about your contributions in our efforts in planting a mustard seed in each and every child.